Waimian 外面 (meaning ‘on the outside’) is a global platform elevating emerging and established Chinese diaspora artists. At Waimian 外面, we believe art is a crucial way to share stories, experiences and perspectives between cultures and subcultures. Waimian 外面 contributes by providing a space that uplifts and celebrates the cultural differences of our contributors, while at the same time bringing their art to the world.

Artist Library - The Artist Library exists to introduce diverse artists and creators to broader audiences, and functions as an index where you can discover new artists  and find how to contact them.

The Glossary Project
- The Glossary Project is our first digital commission project, inviting artists to respond to a letter in the alphabet.

- The Exhibitions page provides updates on current and upcoming exhibitions across the world

Hannah Johansen 海娜, Co-director
Hannah works, studies and lives in Naarm/Melbourne. She graduated from The University of Oslo with a Bachelors in Chinese Language and Culture and is currently studying a Masters of Arts and Cultural Management. Hannah fell in love with the contemporary art scene during her time in Beijing and Shanghai, igniting her passion for advocating for emerging artists. Hannah has worked in various galleries in Shanghai and Sydney, including Suomei Gallery 索美 and Vermilion Art.

Yuanyu Li 李沅钰, Curator & Co-director
Yuanyu is an emerging curator and producer working on Gadigal Country (Sydney). She has a background in contemporary art curating and social science studies. She currently works as a Curatorial Assistant at Artspace and has worked at various art institutions in Australia and China, including the Art Gallery of NSW, Power Station of Art Shanghai, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, and Vermilion Art. In addition, she has curated exhibitions and produced programs at various creative spaces. Throughout her curatorial practices, Yuanyu has strived to promote art's infinite possibilities and vitality and the creation of unique experiences.
Illustration by Nicolas Ho