Alfie Shui Kai @shiukaialfie (1991) is a London based artist originally from Hong Kong.

Many of his works depict intimate nightlife scenes fraught with quiet drama which invites interpretation. His playful use of colour is offset with themes of paranoia, habitat, desire, voyeurism and the curious absurdities of modern life. Alongside these psychological concerns, Alfie is influenced by the music, clothing, cinema and icons of the 20th century. The lives and ideas of figures such as Tom Waits, Lou Reed and Edith Piaf, among many others, are a constant source of inspiration for him and will occasionally appear as direct subjects in his work.

In 2015, after graduating from Central Saint Martins with a BA in Menswear, he co-founded the Hong Kong based skateboard brand Victoria. He has worked in collaboration with Vans and the south Korean brand Mischiefand his work has been featured digitally as part of the Stan Ray artist series.