Fu Liang 付亮 @ liang_f (1993) obtained his master degree in Fine Art from the National Fine Art School of Nantes (France). Recipient of numerous research and production grants, his work has been shown in several exhibitions in France and China. He explore notions of presence and absence, visible and invisible things though different media such as : paintings, sculptures, installations.

My work evolves between figuration and abstraction, it focuses mainly on exploring a universe built with and on symbols, populated by elements related to spirituality, geography, mineralogy, light and sensuality. I try to generate images with a sense of openness to them, pictures that spur the imagination of the viewer into action. By keeping open the possibility of a free reading of my work, sudden, unforeseen experiences become possible: experience of contradictory feelings, of a different kind of perception, like a memory that would have been registered with obvious errors. The object that constitutes the work can thus function as a symbol for undetermined things yet to be explored. In doing so, my work process is akin to a slow meditation, a spell of grounding silence, a way to bear witness to the passing of time.

Fu Liang lives and works between France and China.