Chinese ceramics artist Li Mingshu 李明姝 @limingshu_ (1994) graduated with a Masters in Medium and Material Based Art from The Oslo National Academy of Arts in 2020.

In her art, Li explores non-traditional ways of using clay, investigating how clay can be utilized as a medium to make sense of who she is and her surroundings. Li explicitly draws inspiration from the environment around her. After moving to Norway, she made a series of small sculptures which she regards as her starting point, called ‘Å, Ø Æ’, being vowels used in the Dano-Norwegian language consisting of 29 letters.

I started to collect elements that I have never used, seen, or eaten. I coiled clay to shape and combine those elements.

In particular, Li is drawn to the circle, slash and symmetry in these letters, but also the antisymmetric form. Li’s work has been exhibited in Norway, China and Spain. Li lives and works in Oslo.