In collaboration with Norwegian translator Eirik Senje and graphic designer Victor Utne Stiberg.

Jinbin Chen Tianyi 陈锦彬 (1994) currently based in Oslo, Norway. Graduated with a Master degree in Fine Arts from the Oslo National Academy of Arts, Chinese interdisciplinary artist Chen works with painting, text, object, sculpture and performance. Chen draws his inspiration from different sources. However, the writings from Roland Barthes and Gilles Deleuze are central to his work. Recently, Chen’s work has drawn inspiration from Danmei 耽美, a Chinese subcultural literature genre. Danmei, primarily seen in online novels and fanfiction, portrays male homosexual romantic/erotic relationships. These are mainly written and read by women. The genre has gained a large following over the last two decades and can be compared to the Japanese version, Yaoi やおい.