Jialin Yan 严佳林 @keykeyyan (1992) is a photographer and co-founder of the platform 'Miroir Project' @miroirproject which supports Chinese female photographers.

Her project, 'Inescapable Gaze', plays on Berger's concept of the male gaze, though Yan has incorporated her own twist. ”Only the male is mentioned as an observer, and the female is regarded as a kind of landscape here. This has also triggered my thinking towards my project to a deeper extent — no one can escape the gaze from others, no matter male or female".

In 'Inescapable Gaze', Yan incorporates religious themes from great Baroque painters such as Caravaggio and Rubens, and place women in the centre as her main subject. "I regarded the woman in the centre of the picture as a figure who has been subjected to the impression of male gaze for a long time and thus losing her original state of self, aka self-esteem".