Sun Yue 孙悦 @yuesun.sunsun (1993) born in Shuangyashan, China. Lives and works in Paris, graduated with a MFA (DNSEP with Felicitation du jury) from the National Fine Art School of Nantes (France). She mainly works with mix-media installation.

In Sun’s work, she tries to deconstruct common sense and logic, thinking about the various states of the human condition. Her works often begin with an object, a vocabulary, or a coincidence. These sculptural proposals often go from a reasonable start to an inert result.

Sun uses devices to explore the role of objects in identity, gender, and family relationships. In her area of artistic practice, she often used out-of-the-box mechanical technologies such as a ventilator, a robot vacuum, an inflator, to perform actions over and over to organize a noisy family melodrama.